Fashion Award

We were delighted to win the Fashion Award at this year's Irish Tatler Women of the Year event.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners, it’s an honour to be in such good company.  Thank you to the Irish Tatler team, Jessie Collins and Amy Heffernan for championing Irish brands and craft.


The Tweed Project create handmade, one off pieces that combine beautiful Irish fabrics with modern tailoring for a truly authentic expression of Irish design.The collection is made entirely of Irish fabrics, in Ireland for the world.

The Collection

Autumn / Winter 2021 

The Tweed Project goes big and bold this season. We say goodbye to yesteryear and take inspiration from freedom and fun. The forest at night is our new playground where we dress up big and bold with an eighties energy. 

We go deep into the woods where nature is the new going out. Bright reds and yellows dominate in a stop-start traffic light design. Mohair triumphs with shoulder pads.  Ballgowns and uber bomber jackets are worn over the gowns or just with knickers. Ruffled pussy bows in emblem weaver’s Irish linen tartan, in extra yellow. 

Aran Island knits in red and yellow, worn oversized with harem striped Irish linen pants. Each piece lives singularly, but the collection is desperate to be worn together as a collective scream, to break-out of last year’s claustrophobia and LIVE AGAIN.

Bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary design, Triona and Aoibheann bring you The Tweed Project. Both passionate about Irish fabrics, they noticed that despite producing highly sought after Tweed and Linen, no one in Ireland seemed to be using them to suit a modern sensibility, in other words they were looking for pieces that they would like to wear.

So with true DIY spirit, The Tweed Project was created.The Tweed Project is part of The Slow Fashion movement where fabric, time and craft take priority over trends and fast consumer culture. Each piece is made to order and to last you a lifetime.